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What will you make for me to eat?

During our initial interview, we'll talk about your taste preferences, dietary restrictions and allergies. Most importantly, we'll talk about what you and your family like to eat. Based on this discussion, we'll help you to plan a menu from our extensive list. Our menu includes over 1,000 items.


Can you accommodate special dietary needs such as allergies, low fat, etc?

As part of the initial interview, we'll talk about any restrictions you might have and be sure to plan your menus accordingly. We've got suggestions for you if you want:

Plus, we stay current with the ever-changing list of the popular diet plans.

Finally, we're equipped to address the special needs of seniors, including:

How much food will you make?
The 5 Meal Mix & Match service includes 5 entrees and appropriate side dishes, each containing 4 portions. That's a total of 20 meals. If you need more portions, or are yearning for something yummy for dessert, please be sure to ask!

Our 3 Meal Complete service provides you with 3 full meals, including a soup or salad, entree, 2 sides and dessert.

What if I only want half of the regular service?
Please let us know what you're looking for and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Does all the cooking take place in my kitchen?
Yes. Massachusetts state law permits a Personal Chef to prepare food only in a client's home.

Don't want us cooking in your home? We now have a delivery option ($50 kitchen rental fee applies).

Do you use my pots and pans?
We travel with our own personal kitchen, including utensils, knives, pots and pans, etc. This helps us to work more efficiently and saves us from trying to find things in your kitchen.

How long does it take you to prepare all this food?
This will depend on the food we're preparing that day, but a typical service lasts about 5 hours.

Should I be in the house while you're cooking?
This depends on what works best for your schedule. We do all of the cooking during the day, so you'll return home to a spotless kitchen and a refrigerator filled with good things to eat.

Where do you buy your groceries?
With the volume of groceries we buy, we've all become expert shoppers. We like to use Chef's Choice and shop in stores that are most familiar to us, where we know we can get great products. Let us know if you have a specific store where you'd like us to shop - Whole Foods is often requested - or if you prefer organic produce.

How do you package my food?
We can either tap into your Tupperware collection or provide you with packaging. Each meal can be packaged in a portion size that works best for your family.

Will you leave me with reheating instructions?
Each meal will be labeled with contents, portion size, date and heating instructions. We can also provide nutritional information, if requested.

Does everything go in the freezer?
Meals can either be frozen or refrigerated, depending on what works best for you. Some entree selections, such as seafood, will be best eaten fresh. Our menu selections indicate which foods we think will freeze well.

How often will you come to my house?
This depends on how often you need us. We can be flexible enough to suit the needs of every client.

Can you help me with special occasion dinners, out of town guests, etc?
We'd be happy to help. Please ask and we can discuss the details of your special occasion.

Do you do cooking lessons?
We love to help people learn to cook. Let us know what you need and we can design a class that will fit your needs and your kitchen.

What does the service fee include?
The service fee covers menu planning; grocery shopping; pantry items such as herbs and spices, oils, vinegars, etc.; complete meal preparation (entrees and appropriate side dishes); food cooling and storage; kitchen clean-up and easy heat-and-serve instructions. Groceries are charged separately.

Will you leave me a bill or do I need to pay you ahead of time?
Within a day of cooking for you, we will send you an invoice that covers the service fee and cost of groceries. Copies of grocery receipts will be supplied upon request. Prompt payment is appreciated.

There is a $100 charge for the interview that must be paid on the day of the interview. This will be credited to the service fee for your 3rd cook date.

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