Service Description - How Does a Personal Chef Service Work?

The Interview

Bringing a personal chef into your home is easy and affordable. We start with an interview where we'll talk about your food preferences:

There is a $100 charge for the interview. This will be deducted from the service fee for your 3rd cook date.

Cook Date

We'll also agree on a cook date that works for you. The best time is one that's convenient for you. You don't need to be home while your Personal Chef is cooking for you.

When the cook date arrives, your chef will shop for all of your groceries in the morning, finding the freshest and highest quality ingredients we can. Looking for organic? Not a problem, we can do that too!

The chef will arrive at your home, carrying groceries and their own tools and equipment, bringing all the supplies needed for the day, including pots and pans, utensils, knives, etc. Your chef will spend 4 - 6 hours cooking for you, keeping the kitchen neat and clean as they work.


When cooking is completed, all of your food will be packaged and labeled. Each label includes:

You'll know what can be frozen and what should be eaten in the next few days. Answering the "what's for dinner" question will be a breeze, knowing that you have homemade, nutritious food at your fingertips. We'll even leave a handy menu that you can hang on the refrigerator.

Do you have a great Tupperware collection? We can use your containers or provide you with disposable (and recyclable) ones, suitable for freezer and microwave.


Within a day, we'll send you an invoice and would appreciate prompt payment. In a few days, your chef will call or e-mail and see how you like the food. We keep track of everything we've made for you, so we can develop a good record of your tastes and make appropriate recommendations for your next cook date.

Next Step

We'll schedule your next cook date and your life will become so much simpler.

Call today at (781) 860-0500 or e-mail to begin your service.

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More Information

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